This site is dedicated
to every Internet Marketer
who has ever uttered the words....


"Where the
did I put
that file?"


The solution will take you 30 seconds to install.

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From Alex Goodall
Oxford, UK

Dear Internet Marketing Colleague

I have a simple question for you to ask yourself:

Which of these would you rather use to
organize your Internet Marketing
downloads and information?

Something designed by

as you went along?

Something purpose-designed by
one of the UK's most experienced
Knowledge Management experts

Your home-grown folders

The IMI Organizer




and this....

What you get...

  • Something virtually impossible to unravel

  • Folders that mix up Subject and Type

  • A headache trying to find anything

  • Unprincipled disorganization

What it costs you:

$$$$ in lost time

$$$$ in re-purchases

$$$$ in unused assets


What you get....

  • 314 Folders - a definite place for every single download

  • A structure that has withstood the test of time (used by thousands of people for 5 years)

  • A best-practice guide (PDF)

  • The basis for even more advanced, feature-rich organizing tools.

What it costs you:



Interesting, eh?

"Yes, Alex! It certainly is!

How do I get my hands on it?"


Just pop your details in the form below.

I'll be giving you another gift as well - which will show you that I take a rather unusual approach to internet marketing - which will DEFINITELY help you.

Don't waste another second being disorganized! Download the IMI Organizer NOW take back control of your business.


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To your organized, efficient and profitable future!


Alex Goodall

Developer of the IMI Organizer

Oxford & Boston
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